In the News: Refurbishing Gadsden’s Old Steel Mill Property

refurbishing Gadsden’s old steel mill property

A Midwestern refractory products company is refurbishing Gadsden’s old steel mill property. Dedicated to bringing more jobs to the area and promoting the use of local businesses, this renovation will help grow Gadsden and move the town forward.

About the old steel mill property refurbishing

Magneco/Metrel is a refractory products company that was founded in 1981, specializing in refractory products for aluminum, brick, ceramic, glass, iron and steel. Gadsden Mayor Craig Ford told reporters that this announcement is a big win for the city!

Since closing in 2000, the industrial park that sits on the site of the Gulf States/Republic Steel Mill has not functioned.

Set to invest more than $5 million into refurbishing about 100,000 square feet of industrial space at the Gadsden Industrial Park, this reanimating will soon bring purpose to this currently defunct space.

More about the refurbishment

Refurbishing Gadsden’s old steel mill property will create 30 new jobs at its initiation. With each job averaging a pay of about $25 an hour. And according to Mayor Ford, “This company will not only create 30 good-paying jobs, but is planning to also use local suppliers, too.”

This development has truly been a collaborative effort among many companies. This includes the director of the Gadsden-Etowah Industrial Development Authority, Alabama Power and Spire Gas.


Our community is elated to hear about the news about refurbishing Gadsden’s old steel mill property. For a site that has sat empty for years to get a new life and bring new opportunities to Gadsden, it is something we can all take pride in.

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