Coming Up: 14th Annual Chili Cook-Off in Downtown Gadsden

14th Annual Chili Cook-Off in Downtown Gadsden

Save the date! Make your plans now for the upcoming 14th Annual Chili Cook-Off in Downtown Gadsden set for Saturday, February 5th.

The Chili Cook-Off

After taking a break in 2021, the annual chili cook-off is back! Spice up the first Saturday in February and head to Broad Street.

The 14th Annual Chili Cook-Off in Downtown Gadsden is a longtime community favorite bringing neighbors together for a friendly competition!

You won’t want to miss a day full of flavor and fun with the tasting starting at noon. Guests can purchase tasting tickets for $1 each or get six tickets for $5.

Participating in the CookOff

Registration is open until January 21st and the entry fee is $50. Forms can be picked up from the Downtown Gadsden at 635 Broad St. You can also find it on their Facebook page here.

Participants must be ready to cook the chili on-site. However, initial prep like dicing onions, peppers and such can happen off-site.

The chili should be ready for tasting promptly at noon, but chefs can arrive and get started as early as 7 a.m. Remember, you are responsible for bringing your own butane or cooking burner.

A 6-foot table, two chairs, tasting cups, napkins and spoons are provided.

In the end, a “Crowd Favorite” will be selected along with a first, second and third place winner. Prize money will be awarded as well.

The judging

Wondering what it takes to win? Here is a list of what the judges will be looking for when it comes to award-winning, mouthwatering chili:

  •  Texture: no tough meat!
  • Flavor: all about balance here—not too mild, not too spicy!
  • Consistency: we’re talking smooth, not too thick, not too thin!
  • Blending: let those seasonings and spices work together!
  • Aroma: judges’ preference, but aim for “smells good!”


The 14th Annual Chili Cook-Off in Downtown Gadsden is held on Broad Street between Fourth Street and Sixth Street.


Finally, Summer Waters residents can get to all the flavor, fun and homemade chili on Broad Street after enjoying a quick five-minute drive! Of course, there may be more traffic in the neighborhood that day, so plan accordingly.

Not yet a resident? No worries. There’s still time to make a smart move! For more upcoming events, local news and spotlights, keep reading our blogs!