7 Haunted Places in Gadsden, Alabama

haunted places in Gadsden Alabama

Ghouls, ghosts, eerie sounds, unexplained things, glowing orbs and a bright moon float to mind this month! Embrace all the spook-tacular feels and read about these seven allegedly haunted places in Gadsden, Alabama, if you dare!

Dwight Mill Village

Dwight Mill village was once a housing development built by Dwight Manufacturing Company to house workers for its cotton mill. Located at the intersection of Marston Avenue and Coolidge Circle, there have been numerous reports of hauntings in the historical district.

In particular, residences have reported spotting the ghost of an old lady!

Coat’s Bend Plantation House

The historic mansion is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a former female slave. Many residents have said they have seen her in the courtyard. The family claims to know her as Amelia and say she is kind to them, but not to strangers!

This is one of the inhabited haunted places in Gadsden, Alabama, with descendants of the original owners still calling it home.

Hinds Roads

What small town is complete without the story of the woman who sold her soul to the devil for power yet ended up living alone in a shack in the woods?

Gadsden’s no exception and our local witch’s spirit is believed to linger in the woods off Hinds Road, waiting to frighten those who happen by.

Crestwood Cemetery

This local cemetery is believed to be located on the grounds of a former slave plantation.

Rumor has it, the cemetery is haunted by the slaves who died there. Tragic and creepy definitely go hand-in-hand here!

Coosa River Sea Serpent

They say sightings have been noted for more than 100 years of something large and serpent-like swimming in the depths of the Coosa River—occasionally, making its way to the surface (often enough to keep the stories alive).

Lucy’s Afterlife Night Club

Lucy’s Afterlife is housed in a 1903 historic building at 410 Chestnut St. According to local lore, many night club visitors and employees have seen the ghost of a wandering woman.

She is supposedly responsible for many strange unexplained incidents in the building. And yes, her name is Lucy.

Mountain View Hospital

Perhaps the creepiest of the still-in-use haunted places in Gadsden, Alabama, is Mountain View Hospital. With a long tragic background, it’s no wonder this psychiatric hospital—among other uses in the past—is a hotspot for the unusual.

Ranging from voices to shadows to strange noises to a man on camera entering rooms but not actually being in the room, this is one haunt that gives us the chills!


When all is said and done, we’re happy to have Summer Waters to call home. Although, we might not gaze at the Coosa River quite the same again! When you need a comfortable place to call home, come see us. Keep reading our blogs for more hauntingly good stuff!