In the News: Noccalula Falls is on Forbes’ List of Romantic Road Trips

Noccalula Falls is on Forbes' list of Romantic Road Trips

Well, the secret that Summer Waters residents have known about for years has been shared with millions. Noccalula Falls is on Forbes’ list of Romantic Road Trips. And we couldn’t agree more!

The List

The list featured 10 romantic stops across the country. It was compiled and released just in time for a safe, scenic Valentine’s weekend road trip. From the Florida coast to Arizona red rocks, each place has plenty to do outdoors!

Noccalula Falls is on Forbes’ List of Romantic Road Trips keeping company with the likes of America’s oldest city, St. Augustine, FL. Other dreamy counterparts include Savannah, GA; Ouray, CO; and Sedona, AZ.

The Falls

Noccalula Falls is on Forbes’ List of Romantic Road Trips for a few reasons. First of all, the Falls! Noccalula Falls flows 90 feet into Black Creek Trail. It was once known as Black Creek Falls, but thanks to love and local lore it was renamed. Find out more about the story behind the name by reading our local spotlight on Noccalula Falls.

While you are finding your lovey-dovey side, be sure to hike the 15 trails. Take a hike on Gorge Trail, which goes underneath the waterfall. Sounds picture-perfect to us!

Also, if you can go under it, why not over it? At Noccalula Falls you can do both. A bridge crosses over Black Creek above the Falls offering a 360-degree view of this natural haven.

Wedding Bells?

Is that birds in the background or the sounds of a wedding? You never know at Noccalula Falls. There is a charming wedding chapel just a few feet away from the falls with scenic views and access to Black Creek Trail.

It comfortably accommodates up to 65 guests. Self-described as being ideal for smaller, private ceremonies.

More to do at the Falls

Besides romance, there is more to this hidden treasure. Obviously, there is camping. There are cabins, tent sites and RV hook ups. Click here to find out more about the campgrounds.

Other attractions to add to the to-do list include mini golf, a petting zoo and fly fishing—all at the Falls!


With so much romance in the air, it is easy to fall in love with Gadsden, AL. New to the area and still looking for that comfortable, affordable place to get started? Visit Summer Waters! For a sneak peek, check out our photos and amenities! To get further acquainted with a place now known as a top 10 stop on a romantic road trip, read our blogs!