In the News: Koch Foods Expansion in Gadsden

Koch Foods Expansion in Gadsden

“Chicken” up on local news? We have a great piece for you! Last month, the plans for a Koch Foods expansion in Gadsden reached our town. Read on to learn more about what this egg-cellent addition will bring to the city.

What is Koch Foods?

Even if you’ve never heard of Koch Foods, you can probably guess what they sell. The puns gave it away! Koch Foods works in the poultry industry. They produce frozen and breaded chicken for sale. You can even find some of their products in the freezer section of your grocery store!

More on the Koch Foods Expansion in Gadsden

As a company, Koch Foods has operated since 1985. They began with just 13 employees. That number now sits at 1,040 workers in our town alone—and it will grow even higher.

The expansion in Gadsden also offers a few more impressive figures to recount! Wondering what we mean? Well, for one thing, they plan to bring on an additional 135 jobs to the processing facility. For another, this expansion to their processing line is a $15.1 million-dollar investment. So, our town can expect some major growth.

How long will this expansion take to complete?

Hard work takes time! This ambitious expansion will take place gradually over the next three years. However, its impact will no doubt show positive results sooner than later.

How will the expansion affect our local economy?

Building expansions costs money! The money will reach the pockets of local construction workers, suppliers, and new employees. In turn, they can all put their new resources into the town’s economy, boosting industries from all over Gadsden. And finally, it also means a tidy sum will go to our local taxes, including the school system. Not bad at all!

Where is the local Koch Foods?

You may have driven past the Koch Foods in Gadsden, AL in the past. It’s located at 501 Paden Road.


In 2024, our town will look a bit different—and for the better! We cannot wait to see all the new progress that the Koch Foods expansion in Gadsden will bring. From new jobs to yearly taxes, it will help make life around our city even brighter.

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