In the News: Habitat for Humanity Etowah County Celebrates 25 Years

Habitat for Humanity Etowah County Celebrates 25 Years

What does it mean to have a roof over our heads? Well, for one thing, it means protection from the elements, like the hot summer sun or pouring rain. For another, it give us a place to sleep, eat, and relax safely. It also helps us shelter the ones we love. All in all, our homes provide benefits that we may take for granted. Everyone needs a place to live—and as Habitat for Humanity Etowah County celebrates 25 years, we’ll explore the work they’ve done to take care of those who need it.

What is Habitat for Humanity?

Habitat for Humanity is an impactful charitable venture, specializing in making homes for those in need without receiving a profit. Ever since 1973, this national organization has helped folks create affordable housing for those in their communities—and internationally too.

Their program gives volunteers the resources to build homes, alongside each house’s future owners. These owners can then enjoy a beautiful place to live, along with an affordable mortgage, allowing them to grow their resources. Additionally, it can mean better lives for generation after generation!

How has Habitat for Humanity impacted those living in Etowah County?

As Habitat for Humanity Etowah County celebrates 25 years, we want to mention their incredible impact on our community. Thanks to their volunteers and generous donations, they’ve helped quite a few households in our community. In fact, they’ve built 55 since 1998 (the day their first house in our county was finished)! Even more impressively, that means they have created a place for 186 people to live their lives.

How can I support Habitat for Humanity?

Supporting Habitat for Humanity means that you can give others a chance to have their own home sweet home. There are several ways that you can lend a hand to this charitable organization. You can:


In 2020, as Habitat for Humanity Etowah celebrates 25 years, it’s nice to think about the closeness of our community. We all care about each other—and many of us try to do our part to take care of others. Even if you cannot make a contribution to Habitat for Humanity, you can still make an important mark on those around you. Whether you deliver groceries to a family member, thank an essential employee for their dedicated work, or send a letter to a loved one, small acts matter deeply.

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