Local Spotlight: Sand Mountain Twin Drive-In

Sand Mountain Twin Drive-In

Drive-in theaters used to be some of the most popular spots around—and for good reason! You can enjoy a movie from the comfort of your car—and you don’t even have to pay concession costs. Though it seemed like this cool tradition was sadly fading away, don’t discount drive-in theaters too soon! Right now, they’re enjoying a resurgence. After all, they let folks go out and see a movie, while still practicing the proper social distancing. That means you can responsibly go out and enjoy a good time—and yes, there’s a local drive-in that you can support: Sand Mountain Twin Drive-In. Hop in—it’s time to learn more about this terrific treasure!

How does Sand Mountain Twin Drive-In Work?

Forgetting about paying per person—the Sand Mountain Twin Drive-In lets you pay per car! When you arrive, tickets cost $15 for a carful of people. Even better, that cost covers a double feature! Conventional movie theaters don’t offer deals that good! Then, you can find your screen—and a good spot—and get ready for a great movie.

And yes—they show new releases! “Cats,” “Doolittle,” and “I Still Believe” are a few of the recent movies the theater played.

Visiting Details

Currently, the Sand Mountain Twin Drive-In is closed until April 17. You can check out their Facebook page to keep up with their new hours and future reopening.

Once they’re open for business again, you can find the drive-in theater at 10480 US Highway 431 in Boaz, Alabama. They usually have movies running on Friday through Sunday, with the double-features starting at 6:30 p.m.


It can be hard practicing the proper social distancing, but it’s also a critical way to keep our communities safe. Thank you for following the recommended practices—and for protecting us all! Though times may seem a bit topsy-turvy, you can still make great memories and try new things. You can even visit the Sand Mountain Twin Drive-In when it reopens.

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