6 Activities to Do at Summer Waters

Activities to Do at Summer Waters

With a new season on the horizon, there might be a little more spring in your step. Feeling the cabin fever? We are too. As the weather warms, let’s list some activities to do at Summer Waters that will shake off the cold.

Take the pup around the park.

We’re betting your best friend would bark at the chance to stretch his or her legs. Trot or take a walk in our on-location dog park! You’ll get to meet your fellow two-legged residents—and their four-legged friends as well. Activities to do at Summer Waters don’t stop here. Let’s keep going!

Play all day.

Perfect for the kiddies, our playground is a perfect way to spend a day or afternoon. Plus, you’ll get a chance to meet other parents, schedule play dates, and shoot the breeze.

Get a workout in.

With all these activities to do at Summer Waters, it’s hard not to get active. Enjoy a workout in our fitness center and get that heart rate up. Whether it’s early morning or in the evening, you’ll be able to exercise without having to battle traffic—or other people!

Take in the sights.

Summer Waters offers a beautiful view of the Coosa River. Sunset or sunrise—the sight will leave you in awe. Not a bad start or end to your day!

Go for a swim.

With the weather warming, days by the pool are on their way. Polish your strokes, play Marco Polo, or just perfect your floating skills. Whatever your pool pastime, you’ll find a place for peace, relaxation, and recreation here.

Just chill.

Homebodies are welcome at Summer Waters. Everybody is! If you feel like relaxing at your sweet pad, just keep on doing you. Being a couch potato is a sport in our book. Watch a movie, invite friends over, or binge a good book series. It’s all up to you!


There’s an activity for everyone at Summer Waters. If our life seems to suit you, go ahead and get started by visiting us online! In addition to the good times listed here, more on life in Gadsden can be found by checking out our blog!

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