In the News: Rainbow Fly Fishing Club Recently Added Fish to Black Creek

Added Fish to Black Creek

In an effort to increase eco-tourism for the Gadsden area, the Rainbow Fly Fishing Club recently added fish to Black Creek. Around 1,100 pounds of trout were released into the watershed above Noccalula Falls!

This marks the second time this year that fish were added to Black Creek; the Rainbow Fly Fishing Club dropped 1,000 coppernose bluegill in March.

Hopes for Black Creek

Trout fishing has become a major tourist attraction for places like Georgia, which is part of the reason why the group added fish to Black Creek. Georgia’s trout fishing draws tens of millions of dollars’ worth of revenue in for the state. Even a small portion of that would be a boon to the Gadsden area.

Recreation and eco-tourism somewhat stall for Gadsden during the winter months, and the group hopes this fish infusion will spur renewed activity. There is a catch though: you have to like trout and enjoy fly fishing for this fishy addition to Black Creek to appeal to you.

Another benefit of the added fish to Black Creek is the prolonged effect it will have beyond the seasonal activity decline. With a fully stocked Black Creek, fly fishing is expected to last well into the summer. While trout are a cold-water fish, they’ll likely remain even in the warmer months—especially if the fish are kept fed. The Rainbow Fly Fishing Club plans to keep the fish in the upper part of the watershed by doing exactly this: feeding them. The group hopes this will deter the fish from following Black Creek downstream into the Coosa.

Fish for a Future

The group also aims to continue this progress. They will restock Black Creek with trout twice a year—in November and February, respectively. This will hopefully help serve Noccalula Falls Park and its recreation well. Permits are required for fly fishing, along with an Alabama State Fishing License. Permits cost $9 per day; there’s an $11 three-day pass as well.

Other limitations include particular days for catch and release, only using fly rods, and a ban on non-artificial lures and barbed hooks. For more info regarding fly fishing in Gadsden, refer to the project on Fly Fishing in Gadsden, Alabama.


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