Documentary About Gadsden City Schools Makes Film Festival Debuts

Gadsden City Schools

Our very own Gadsden City Schools has been featured in a first round of film festivals, specifically the school system’s special needs culinary café and program. Read more about the documentary!

The Documentary

Gadsden City Schools recently made film festival debuts for the documentary titled “Beautiful Rainbow.” “Beautiful Rainbow” shadows a small band of special needs students—and the life lessons they learn from the school system’s unique culinary program turned café. The documentary was part of the Sidewalk Film Festival’s “Alabama Docs: Foodies” segment in Birmingham, Alabama.

The Inspiration

Not only is “Beautiful Rainbow” the film’s title: Beautiful Rainbow is the name of the catering program turned culinary café the film showcases.

Born out of an idea to teach special needs children life lessons through food, recipes, and cooking, the program began sprouting from its roots early on.

The program eventually linked up with the Gadsden Public Library, which allowed it to bloom into a vegetarian café. Housed within the library itself, the café serves food to the public, but still retains its original mission: lessons.  The café still focuses on teaching children with cognitive disadvantages important life lessons through the joy of cooking and preparing meals.

The Festival 

“Beautiful Rainbow” was screened at the Sidewalk Film Festival, a Birmingham-based festival established in 1999. When asked if “Beautiful Rainbow” would earn awards during its run at the festival, producers and directors of the film indicated they were uncertain but were honored their film was chosen as a contestant. “Beautiful Rainbow” has been invited to attend four other festivals in addition to Sidewalk.


We’re proud of Gadsden City Schools, their impactful culinary-based program, and their upcoming documentary which helps put its reach and influence further in the spotlight. “Beautiful Rainbow” shows the best the community of Gadsden, Alabama has to offer.

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