Local Spotlight: Noccalula Falls Park

Noccalula Falls Park

Gadsden, Alabama is home to Summer Waters. It’s also home to the gorgeous Noccalula Falls Park. Residents treasure going out into nature, and we can see why! After all, Noccalula Falls Park showcases endless outdoor beauty all year long. Never been? Want to learn more about one of your favorite places? We’re shining a spotlight on it, so read on!

Why Is It Called Noccalula Falls Park?

Noccalula Falls Park gained its name thanks to a local legend. It used to be called Black Creek Falls, but in the wake of folklore put to paper by Mathilde Bilbro, it earned a new name.

Noccalula was, according to the lore, a beautiful and virtuous young woman. As the daughter of a Native American chief, she was expected to marry the man he chose. Sadly, she loved someone else. On the day of her wedding, she jumped from the waterfall, which now bears her name. Though the name comes from a tragic tale, people have continued to marvel at the natural beauty of the falls.


Did you know that Noccalula Falls Park has its very own petting zoo? It’s true—and it even has a giant tortoise and llamas. Well, that’s not all that this fantastic park has to offer. It also boasts features like:

  • Campgrounds
  • A train that circles through the park;
  • Botanical gardens;
  • Fifteen nature trails;
  • A wedding chapel;
  • Mini golf (which costs extra to play).


If you want to head over to Noccalula Falls Park, don’t forget about admission. It costs $6 for adults, $4 for seniors, and $4 children. Those 3 and under can get in for free.


Noccalula Falls Park is just one of the many amazing attractions that Gadsden has to offer. If you want to live in a wonderful area, there’s no better place to stay than Summer Waters! We hope to welcome you to our apartments!

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